Friday, March 15, 2013

Spinning again!

I pulled out the dervish last week and spent a good bit of time spindling in the evenings. I found it very easy to sit and spin for 20-30 mins and make progress. Each time, I did about 4" or so of the fiber.

I tried to do the fluffing technique that Beth Smith demonstrates in this video. It starts at about 3:15 in the video. I didn't spin it from the fold, but from the end and I found I didn't like it very much. Beth says you can, but I think I am more comfortable spinning from the fold.

I then went back to my usual technique of pulling off a length of top and just spinning from the ends but using a draw-back technique rather than a draw-forward technique as I would do on a wheel.
I found this a lot more comfortable and successful in getting a fine, even single. You can see the size of the chunk of roving I was working with. I did about this much every evening.

This close-up shows the fine, even single
Nice, isn't it. I found this very calming and satisfying to do. I wasn't aiming for speed, just doing. And it gets done.

Lastly, if you read the last post and the pictures were missing, please accept my apologies. I moved them into a different album and was unable to get to Blogger to fix the post. It is fixed now. They should be visible and I won't be moving them again. I am sorry about this. I have been having problems with the VPN service I subscribe to. On my laptop and iPad, it tends to act up sometimes where I can only connect for 30 seconds before it disconnects. Without the VPN service, Blogger is blocked and I can't do anything with it. So I made the mistake of moving the photos without thinking about the consequences. When I realized that the links would be broken, I couldn't get to Blogger to fix them. Mea culpa!

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