Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Tour de Fleece

I want to start off with a big shout-out to my friends who are at Retreat 2.75 in Marshfield this week. I am virtually there with you and dreamed I was there last night.

I have been spinning pretty regularly for the Tour this year. I got off to a late start but then spun every day till I had to travel. As it turned out, my trindle shaft broke on the day I was leaving :-( so that slowed me down a bit.
But fortunately, Trindleman provides a lifetime guarantee on all his trindles so it has gone to him for fixing. In the meantime, I wound off the yarn on the trindle onto a toilet paper roll. I still am not exactly sure how I will join the cops together. I left the loop used for making the next chain open in case I need it. I found a tiny binder clip and used it to keep the loop open.
I also left a long single on the beginning of the second cop. I need to have 3 plies to make this yarn so I will figure something out when it is time to join.

Spinning is continuing on another trindle with the same weight arms. Of course, this trindle is lighter as it is a MicroXL but once you get some fiber on it, the actual weight of the spindle doesn't matter. It gets dwarfed by the weight of the fiber. Here is the wound off cop along with the new spinning.
I have finished the blue and am onto a long length of purple. You can just see the blue under the purple on the trindle.

Yesterday I took a break from spinning and decided to ply instead. I was home for a bit and had nothing else to do during the day barring a couple of errands. So I pulled out the Hansen and plied my Blackberry to Raspberry Fiber Optic gradient.

Part-way in, the battery died :-( So while it was recharging, I plied a bit on the Swan. I call this the never-ending plying project. It doesn't seem to progress no matter how much I ply. But I figure at some point it has to end so I use it to fill in time.

The colors came out a bit retina-searing. I tried adjusting them but it made things worse so I am using the photos as is. They really aren't as bad as they look in this photo.
I should finish the gradient today. One bobbin is done so I have to Andean ply the second bobbin onto itself to finish.  Who knows when the other will be done?

Then it is back to ply-on-the-fly on the trindle. I am in my purple phase for a bit till the colors change.

Back to plying!

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