Monday, September 1, 2014

Spinning and Knitting update

I've neglected to talk about my fiberlicious pursuits, in addition to not talking about the travel, nay - in addition to not talking at all! This is a catch-up on what I've been up to.

I did a lot of business travel in addition to the personal travel. This enabled me to finish Nuvem in the Marging Colors yarn. Unfortunately I finished it after my blocking wires were packed and shipped. So it was a rough and ready blocking.

That is the window sill and the ironing board. The bed had no sheets or comforter and the mattress was covered in plastic. So not good for drying. The floor is wood. I put my towel on the floor below the lowest points of the shawl to catch the drips.

Post-blocking shot. It turned out well. It is soft and drapey, but rather large. I can see this being something one cuddles into in the cold.

I also started and finished a sock to complete a pair I started before I went to Shanghai

Pretty basic pair, top-down in Opal Bumblebee from the Rainforest Collection.

After I finished my first TdF project, I started this as part of the TdF 2014. Fine, fine, fine spinning on my Nano trindle. I had not used this one before and am loving it. The fiber is camel/silk from Corgi Hill Farm. The color is Deep Purple 2.

TdF this year had a heavy metal theme. I finished Twisted Sister from last year and started on Deep Purple.

Here's Twisted Sister, all done. Chain plied using the ply-on-the-fly technique. Spun on my microXL and regular trindles.


Yes, it is a bit bright. I was afraid of it being a bit like a clown collar in a shawl. So I got some lovely teal/purple tweed cashmere/mink on the Shanghai yarn crawl and started this. It is looking lovely and is breaking up the clown barf rather well. It is Nymphalidae from Knitty.

I started this in the airport in Shanghai on the way out and got this much done on the plane. Now I am almost to the end of the first purple segment and will be going back through the rainbow to the orange again.

And now I am all caught up!

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