Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Diwali!

Today is Diwali, the festival of lights in India. It is India's biggest festival.

I am not very consistent in my celebration of Diwali. I try to light lights and make sweets if I can. I did not do this in China as I didn't have my lights with me. I have tiny glass cups in which I put tea lights as they extinguish themselves and the glass keeps the flame contained.

This year I took out some lights that I had bought in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey. I offer you a view of the lights in our study reflected against a dark, rainy, stormy night.
You can see two of the Turkish lights in the middle.

Diwali is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. In North India, lights are used to outline windows and doors. In South India, we don't light lamps for Diwali. Instead, we get up very early in the morning, have a ritual oil bath, put on new clothes, and then set off fireworks before dawn. The rest of the day is spent visiting friends and relatives and eating sweets.

A very happy Diwali to all of you!

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