Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blocked and wore shawls at Rhinebeck

In my Rhinebeck excitement, I forgot to talk about the blocking of the 2 completed shawls. Those of you on Ravelry would have seen the finished results.

I got tired of waiting for my blocking pins and wires so went out and bought the cheapest pins I could find - and yes, they are awful but they worked.

I wasn't about to go buy new blocking wires so I had to pin it out without their help.

 Here's the pink shawl I made from Miss Babs BFL. I don't even remember if I showed you the fiber and the beads. I was able to find beads from the Shanghai yarn/notions crawl that matched. They are very subtle as they are an almost perfect match for the yarn.

I pinned out the top curve first and ran out of room. That is a door to my deck in the back. Unpinned and started over. Then I just roughly pulled out the points and pinned them. They are not very even but it doesn't show when the shawl is worn - the ultimate test of success.

Yarn and beads, pre-knitting. I had about 330 yds per my calculations but I only used 2/3-3/4 based on the written pattern. No mods.

Here are the two shawls blocking. The rainbow shawl ended up under the bookcase. I started with the top edge but realized that due to the curve, I had to start at the bottom edge so I unpinned and restarted and planned badly. See all the room below the shawl! I could have used that instead of trying to pin under the bookcase. That doesn't work, by the way, for future reference.

Glamour shot of pink shawl. I knew that one end of the fiber had a lighter color as there was more white in the braid there. I decided to start there and then the rest was pretty random. There are darker and lighter spots but the finished effect looks like a gradient. I am very happy with the result. The yarn is a 3-ply that I plied rather tightly thinking I would make socks, but it was not to be.
Lastly, the l-o-n-g rainbow shawl. I am very happy with the result although it is very long. I ended up with it wrapped twice around my neck and then pinned in the front to show the left hand side down the front. It is very warm and soft and I think it is going to get a lot of use. The teal cashmere/mink is perfect as the contrast to break up the rainbow and make it not look like a clown collar. I am also happy with the mods although I should have started them earlier. 

I wore the rainbow one on Saturday without a coat as it was warmer. It did suddenly get cold so I put on my Large Lace Collar for a bit but ended up taking it off less than an hour later when the sun came up. On Sunday, which was much colder and windier, I wore the Rose Lace Collar Bohus and the pink shawl. I was inside most of the day so it worked. When I walked back to my car, I was chilled by the wind and didn't warm up till I got home!

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