Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flying time

Time flies, they say, when you are having fun. But what about the situation where you don't have the time to do all the things you want to do because time is flying by so fast? That doesn't seem like fun to me at all.

I wanted to knit this week. Badly, really badly. But I didn't. Not a stitch. I came back on Sunday evening so Monday evening was taken up by grocery shopping, Tuesday with cooking and preparing dough for baking on Wed, Wed evening was just a mish-mash of drama, and chores. Thursday evening was a blur and so was Friday evening (actually I think I remember what I did on Friday). Yesterday I spent time shopping for flowers and working in the yard. All my annuals are planted. I planted dahlias, basil and marigolds in addition to the petunias, geraniums, hot peppers and rosemary I planted a couple of weeks ago.

I didn't even read a book this week! I feel as if the week has slipped by with no input on my part. It wasn't that it was boring or not fun. It was just going by way too fast.

I AM going to knit today. On Friday I met with a student. She has been struggling with lace but she has mastered it finally. It was a version of my Driftwood stole. I am so proud of her for her perseverance, her attention to detail and her love of learning.

I have put my garden photos up on Flickr. I thought this way you would see them only if you want to.

A lot of my bread baking this week was based on Artisan Bread in 5 Mins a Day. I can't recommend this book strongly enough for those who don't have any time to bake. There is an accompanying blog with a lot of answers and some new recipes. A lot of it is marketing but there are good tips there also.

Thank you Knitman for your compliment on the tree and the house.

Anmiryam, yes, it is the small things that make us feel virtuous. I am especially feeling good about my exercising. This is one of things that is making me have less time to knit though. In order to get up early in the am to work out, I have to get to bed early. Oh well. Eventually I will catch up on the knitting

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MaggieB said...

Beautiful garden pictures!! I miss my old garden (especially tree peony) so much, yours is lovely.