Sunday, June 1, 2008


I made a fair bit of progress this week on the knitting front. I wasn't home a lot but I put the time that I spent at home to good use. First of all, I finished the work for the Interweave book. Here's the leftover yarn - to whet your appetite. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Red Rover on the left and Violet on the right. I had to photograph it in a fairly dim area to get the colors close to being correct. I am checking the pattern this morning and will be mailing it off this week. After that it will be a year or so before the book comes out. It really isn't very satisfying at this point. It is much more fun when the book is finally published. I swatched for the VK Sideways Sweater that I showed you in an earlier post. Here is the first swatch. The right hand repeat is on a US size 5 (3.75 mm) needle. The left repeat is on a US size 6 (4 mm). Not much difference so I am going with the larger needle.
Here is the swatch seen at an angle. You can see the texture a bit better at this angle. It is a pretty straightforward pattern. Zig one way using a lifted increase and a ssk, then zag the other way using a k2tog and another lifted increase. There is a small lace panel in the middle which is just there to highlight the gentle zig-zag. I can see myself getting bored but it should go fast. While the swatch was drying, I started the other sock in the Shibui sock yarn. This represents a few hours of knitting. Now the sock is in a position where I can take it places and knit mindlessly.
Now I'm off to weed. The garden photography project is progressing. More photos on my flickr photostream. I am enjoying seeing the photos because the flowers themselves last only for a week or so. The lovely tree peonies that MaggieB commented on last week are just a memory. The other one is flowering now but will be gone in a few days. I am using the photos as a screensaver, which is fun.

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