Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hibernating mittens

The mitten is in hibernation. I finished the top and thought I was done with the body but all of a sudden sts started coming undone. I have to unpick the top and get all the sts on to needles and redo the top. Since I was frustrated and annoyed, I decided to put it away and work on other things.

Terry, the mitten is part Jamieson and Smith jumperweight (the blue) and part Harrisville Tweed Shetland which was on Elann a number of years ago. I think they were closing out that line. All the other colors are the Harrisville. It is also a true Shetland jumperweight.

I swatched the new body of the Lorna's Laces sweater. I used the pattern from the Coin lace scarf that was on Elann (the right hand side of the swatch) and a simple cable (the left hand side) along with dropped sts a la Clapotis. For some reason, the scarf pattern had extra twisted sts on either side of the coin lace pattern and I found that they masked the pattern. So I reswatched without them and this is the result. I really like it. I am debating whether to alternate the cable and the coin lace pattern or just do the coin lace pattern.

My daughter wanted a headband for running and I found a ball of this lovely alpaca. It is a beautiful heathered purple. I had some purple/green/blue aurora-borealis shiny beads (like the colors of a peacock) so I did a pattern with them. A fun, quick knit that should be done in another day. I just have the underside left to do and then I'm going to graft the beginning to the end for a seamless double thickness headband.
That is all for now! Maybe next week will see the return of the mitten.

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Nancy said...

Awww on the mitten. Your daughter will be totally thrilled with the headband! Happt New Year!