Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mitten Knittin'

I am making slow but steady progress on the mittens. It is slow because the gauge is fine and I find it hard to knit for a long time. Steady because it is finally getting interesting and I want to knit bits of it. I am very happy with how they are turning out. I am just beginning the increases at the top.
I had to hold the fringe down to take this picture because it is curling up. I hope blocking will cure that. This is the back of the right hand mitten.

This is the palm of the right hand mitten. I did not use the traditional thumb hole method. The traditional method is to put the sts on a string and then cast on the equivalent number. The reason for this is to be able to try on the mitten as you knit. I thought that was an excellent idea but I didn't want to cast on. So I knit across the thumb sts using scrap yarn to create the opening, knit a few rnds, and then I threaded the sts onto another piece of scrap yarn and removed the scrap yarn sts themselves. This creates the opening without casting on. I should be done with this mitten soon and then I have one more to do. They are warm and snug.

I made ths cuff a bit longer so it will keep my wrists warm.

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Terry & Jonesy said...

Lovely mittens! What is the yarn you're using...J&S?
Terry - sailingknitter