Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blocking Stor Rund Dug

Let me start with last week's FO. One wrist brace liner. The second one is about 1/3 done.

Now, onto the blocking:
I used the principles of basic geometry to block this into a circle. I inserted two blocking wires first at 180 degrees from each other along the diameter of the circle. Then I did the same to create a diameter perpendicular to the first one. Lastly, I inserted two wires into each quadrant created by the first two diameters.

Once that was done, I pinned the beginning of the tape measure to the center of the circle and started pinning out the circumference. First, I measured and pinned along each wire. After that, I measured and pinned in between them.

That was the skeleton of the circle. With the tape measure still pinned to the center, I carefully measured and pinned the neck circle to be equidistant from the center. And then I went through each point, measuring its distance from the center and pinning it. As I did this, I sometimes had to adjust my original pins that were between the wires.

The final result is:

Detail of the neck:
Detail of the lace pattern in the body:
Detail of the edging.:

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