Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pictures galore!

I took some of my shawls to the yarn store yesterday and had a student take pictures. First, the mink/cashmere Faroese shawl - cuddly and warm! The pin is from a vendor at Knitting Camp called Dutch Treats.
The back. The lace pattern is from a shawl called Ata.
Second, Stor Rund Dug. I deliberately wore a white T-shirt so the shawl would stand out.
A little different pose here. Luann did a great job taking the photos.

Now for something a little different...
I bought a spinning wheel. Yes, another one even though I really haven't mastered it yet. I couldn't resist a bird's eye maple Tina II from Jensen.

She is decked out with a walnut trim.

She is decked out in walnut with a stripe around the middle...

And a little walnut between the treadles

She's beautiful!

The heart of it all. There is a little more walnut on the maiden.

And a look at my pitiful attempts at spinning yesterday. But I will get better and Tina will help me.

On the knitting front, I started the last of the wrist brace liners on Friday. So there is nothing interesting to report. I hope to finish them this week and get on to more interesting stuff. And I don't have to worry about wrist brace liners for another 3-4 years.


Elysbeth said...

Approval of the photos, your student did a nice job.

I know that technically the Dund shawl is the more stunning, but I crave the snuggliness of your Faroese shawl.

B-E-A-utiful wheel. Congratulations, you earned her.

vanessa said...

wow wow wow! all three are gorgeous!
that monk looks so cuddly!
your tina is lovely :-)

Nancy said...

Tina and the shawls are beautiful -- pictures worth waiting for! Happy Spring!

Ann said...

The shawls are beautiful, but I now have wheel lust. That is one gorgeous wheel!

Thérèse said...

Lovely, the shawls are. Tina as well, of course!

joyknits said...

Lovely shawls! Enjoy your wheel - I've had a birds eye maple Jensen for many years, and love it!

Rima said...

Wow. What great projects. I am in love with the shawl.

Preeti said...

Wow those shawls are lovely and the shawl pin is perfect! What a gorgeous wheel. I'm sure that you are going to love this beauty and spin plenty of great yarn with your new wheel, the details are just beautiful.