Sunday, March 21, 2010

On a tear

I didn't post last weekend because I was at a retreat. A number of us rented a B&B, the Yellow House in Roscoe, NY, and created our own retreat. Each of us contributed a meal or part thereof and it was a lot of fun. We had lots of food, wine, potent potables as well as non-potent potables. We knitted and spun and admired each other's FOs and WIPs and had a ball. I wish we could do this every month as it was such a relaxing and refreshing break in the usual routine.

As a result, I am knitting up a storm. I started this shawl in a lovely natural mink/cashmere yarn which is like a cloud of warmth and cuddliness. It is vaguely based on Ata from the Faroese Shawl book. The shaping is very different from the shawl in the book. I started with my friend Maggie's shaping but modified it because it didn't fit the lace pattern.
I decided to go with a simple scalloped edging from the second Barbara Walker treasury but it is really garter st worked sideways with increases and decreases to create the scallops. I like the simplicity of it with the lace pattern. I am about one third done with the edging and then the shawl will be done. I can't wait to wear it even though it is getting too warm for it. Maybe it will be just right for air-conditioned offices in the summer!


Preeti said...

What an absolutely lovely way to spend a weekend! That is a pretty shawl, looks like wings.

Elizabeth Risch said...

Hi Jaya! I just finished "My First Mink Jacket" from that same mink/cashmere yarn that I picked up at Stitches West. It is heavenly soft and light as air. I know your shawl will be just as delightful. See you in July at 2.75!