Sunday, January 30, 2011

New beginnings

I took some pictures of the scarf at different angles to try to show the pattern in a more detailed way. I am trying to get more artistic with my photography. Bear with me as I learn. I blocked the scarf last weekend and it became really soft and fluffy.

That is the side with the solid color on the front. The darker parts is the reverse side where the variegated color is the front.
This shows the two sides at the same time. I think it will look very nice when worn. I made it quite long so it can be wrapped and tied in various ways.
Here it is draped over the sofa. I was trying to get the pattern to show on the variegated side and I think I succeeded in this photo. In most of the others, it looks like a blended color with no distinction between the front and the back side. This scarf would look much better in two coordinating solid colors, I think. Or a variegated that contrasts with the solid rather than one that matches, like this one.

I spent last Sunday winding yarn and putting together project bags for the next two projects. They represent quite a contrast in color. This is the yarn for the Rose Lace Collar Bohus. It is a very wintry and subtle mix of hues. I cast on and have knitted 3 rounds so far. I started with a provisional cast-on so I can come back and finish the neck later. I haven't quite decided how I want to finish this. It will be a cardigan. I have a steek in the center front so I can do the colorwork in the round.
The other project is the Swedish Heartwarmer shawl and the colors for this are vibrant and strong. I have also started this as it is a fairly mindless knit in the beginning and I can work on it when I'm tired or traveling.

Both these sets of colors are inspiring me and I am knitting a lot more than I have been in the past 6 months. It is a little strange for me to start two different projects at the same time but I think these are very complementary in terms of their life cycles.

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