Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slow but steady wins the race

This week has been a tough one for knitting. I thought I would make more progress on the scarf. However, I have found that if I make a mistake, it takes a long time to fix it. The longer the period between making the mistake and recognizing it, the worse it is. Tinking is the only way to go back - unknitting one st at a time. Brioche is tricky to rip out and pick up sts.

In the case of the scarf, there are a lot of decreases that involve 4 sts. Unknitting those is a pain, making sure you've picked up all 4 sts. Going back one row means you can avoid unknitting them. If you have to go back 3 or 4 rows, you have to undo those decreases. Also, each row in 2 color brioche knitting is 2 rows of actual knitting. This is because you are really double knitting - making two fabrics at once. Ensuring you are undoing both sides accurately just complicates the problem. Also, I have two colors that are very close. This makes the problem tough to deal with in the evenings when they seem to blur together.

But let's take a look at an easier knit. I finally blocked the silk cardi. I haven't worn it since I blocked it so no pics with it on me. That is next. But here it is drying. I put it in to wash and forgot all about it. I wash handknits in my washer - filling, then turning it off, waiting and then draining and spinning. I woke up at 4 am and remembered it so ran down, pulled it out and laid it out to dry. That is why it is lying on a fitted sheet! Normally I use a flat sheet but this what I pulled out of the linen closet at 4 am.

I think the scarf would look better in two solid colors. But maybe not. I like the contrast of the two sides so I took these pictures. As you can see, the scarf is much longer now. How long should it be? The pattern says to use all the yarn but I think the Alpaca Sox yarn has a lot of yardage. It might make a very long, skinny scarf.
I flipped the two sides and took this picture. I think I like the other one better. What do you think? It takes me 1.25-1.5 hours to knit one repeat if I don't make any mistakes. I find that it is easier to just do one repeat w/o a break as the rhythym keeps one from making mistakes. My goal is to do 1 repeat a night this week and see how long it gets. Then I will decide whether to bind it off or continue. Wish me luck!

I am sorry I am not posting every week. I just find that with this scarf, there isn't a lot of progress to show so till I move to another project, there may be some gaps in the blog. Sorry!

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