Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scarf is complete!

Despite the rough beginning, the end of the Sush-ushi scarf knitting was fairly tame. Once I got the rhythm of the pattern, I was able to make good progress because I could pick up and put it down without losing my place. For some reason, it took me a lot longer to 'get' this than in other patterns. Some of it may be due to the way the pattern was worded. But anyway, it is done. I am not posting any new pictures till it is blocked because I like the photos I posted last week.

One thing I want to point out as a tip is that it is easier to bind off if one follows the directions for the Kitchener Rib bindoff in Katharina Buss's Big Book of Knitting. For some reason, I found the directions in the Knitting Brioche book to be unnecessarily complex. One needs to treat the yarnover and the st as one but that is the only special consideration for brioche st.

Next on the list is a toss-up between the Rose Lace Collar (my next Bohus) and the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl (that is my friend Steph's version). I think I'm going to start the Bohus as it is most interesting in the beginning and then the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl - which is most boring in the beginning. Maybe I can alternate the two depending on whether I want a mindless knit or one that keeps me occupied.

Off to wind a lot of yarn. Both of the new projects have a lot of colors to be wound.

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