Sunday, April 29, 2012

Every knitter's nightmare

I am sure every one of you knitters has experienced butterflies in the stomach when looking at this little bit of yarn. I am no different. I am close to finishing the Vernal Equinox shawl but not that close. sigh

Here is the shawl, with all the yarn used up. I have 10 more rows to do. No more yarn! However, since I dyed the yarn myself, I can dye more! That is the beauty of hand-dyed yarn. This is straight Wilton's Violet food coloring. It split but that is not a requirement. Even if it comes out slightly different, it won't be a problem. 

I also did a bit of spinning this week. I spun the first single from my hand processed fleece. It wasn't the best prep and I had a lot of neps. Some I removed and some I left in to add some texture to the yarn. It is spun semi-worsted, lock by lock. Where I could identify a tip, I spun from the tip. But there were a lot of short cuts where I couldn't identify a tip so I just spun from one end. I will start spinning the other single today.

It is a pretty fine single. I think I will be able to get a fingering weight yarn out of this. It will be a 2-ply. Once I know the approximate yardage, I will plan a project.

That is it for this week fiber wise. My plans for the upcoming week are to finish the other single, dye the yarn for the shawl and maybe finish it. Let's see how the week progresses.

I changed the slideshow on the page. It is now a preview of a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum. I was there last weekend and was privileged to see the exhibit in the process of being set up. It starts May 5. If you are in the area, I recommend you go see it because it is lovely. All the brightly colored objects are glass but they look as if they are growing right out of the ground.

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