Friday, September 21, 2012

Fibery doings and planning

 I did a lot of spinning and knitting this week. I spun and plied a lac and indigo dyed roving from Handspun by Stefania. I bought this at Rhinebeck last year after sampling her fiber during my spinning class with Amy Tyler. It started off looking like this...
and ended up like this...

I spun it woolen - long draw and it was interesting to see that as I progressed through the 4 oz, it got thinner and thinner. I divided the fiber equally by weight for each bobbin but the second bobbin was about 1.5 times as long as the first!

On the knitting front, I have been working on my second Dancing Cranes stole. I have one half a repeat left. It looks like a mess now. I will probably do a blog post on blocking it so you can see the process. This is a linen/silk fiber from ColourMart. I bought 3 cones of it and used the first color to make the first Dancing Cranes stole. This is the second color and see below for the third one. It is a bit stiff to knit with but softens up nicely after washing. Linen/silk is extremely durable and easy to maintain and will get softer and softer with use and washing.

Now onto the plans...
I found these 14 skeins of Jamieson Double Knitting yarn. Given the fact that these are skeins, I wonder if I got a good deal on them when they changed the packaging. I am wondering what to do with them. There are 170 yds of each color and only 1 skein each. Any ideas?
 After the Dancing Cranes stole is done, I am going to knit a lace plaid stole. It is loosely based on Rhodocrosite by Norah Gaughan. More on that as I start knitting it. This is the third of the linen/silk cones I bought.
It is a pretty teal color. It would look lovely with jeans, which is exactly what I was thinking as I spun the indigo-lac dyed yarn above. As I spun over my jeans, the fiber blended almost invisibly with my jeans-clad thigh.

So that is it. As we finish one project, our minds are already rapidly moving on to the next one so that we are ready to cast on right after binding off. 

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