Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My latest toy

I have the cutest little toy. Except that it isn't really a toy. It is a spindle. I got a Jenkins Kuchulu spindle! I also found a little box to carry it in where it will be protected but I can have it on hand at all times.
 Here is the Kuchulu. It is made of rosewood. Wanda Jenkins attached a leader made out of that lovely blue fiber before it was mailed to me. Now that is customer service! I took these pictures with a pencil so you can see the size of the box and the spindle.
 Once you remove the shaft, the spindle fits nicely inside the box. It is a metal box so it provides support for the spindle. The shaft also fits in there.
 The fiber goes in next and it pads the spindle and keeps it from moving.
 The closed box from the top.
 The closed box from the side.
Last, but not least, the Swiss Army knife that came in the box originally. I threw out the plastic insert that was shaped to hold the knife. The top of the box is padded as that was not an insert and not shaped to fit the knife. It just held the little case that you can see between the knife and the box.

I spun a little on the spindle last night and really enjoyed it. I can drop this in my purse and carry it anywhere and it will be there to entertain me and make waiting time productive.

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