Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I love knitting handspun!

I re-started a handspun shawl over the weekend. I had started knitting Viorica, but didn't have the mental concentration for the lace right at the beginning. So I frogged it and started knitting Larimar, which begins with a lot of stockinette. That is just up my alley right now.

But I love the feel of the fiber and the almost weightlessness of the shawl. It will be a smallish shawl, I think. It is soft and silky and just fabulous.
There is a band of eyelets right where I am knitting, then more plain knitting before the lace border. I love the way the color is developing also. It really looks like the fiber that I started with.
 I had an interesting spinning discussion on the plane the other day. My neighbor wanted to buy his wife a spinning wheel as a surprise and was quizzing me about spinning. It was a refreshing way to pass the time on a flight. I showed him the pictures I had on my phone of my spinning and knitting. I couldn't find one of my wheels, though. I have remedied that and now have them on my phone. The flight flew by!

Have a great week!

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