Sunday, February 17, 2013

New acquisitions of the paper kind

Two beautiful books popped into my hands today. One of them is Chez Panisse Desserts that has been on my wish list at PaperBack Swap for a long time. It is in pristine condition. This book's recipes are focused on fresh fruit as the basis for the desserts, given the locavore tradition established at Chez Panisse. No pretty pictures though!

The other book is a wonderful new book on spinning all sorts of yarns. It is by Sarah Anderson, whose video on Navajo-plying is the one I learned from. This one is full of pretty pictures!
Sarah covers all sorts of yarns - from basic to creative.
There are tabs that organize the material, making it easy to find the section you need.
The pictures not only cover the yarn itself but also how it looks knit or woven.
All the samples are in white, so color is taken out of the equation completely. She also covers carding, combing, drum carding, flicking, washing and other fiber preparation topics. In this section color does come into play. She shows a few examples of how to blend color in rolags and punis.

I can't wait to immerse myself in this book and practice some of the techniques described in it.

I sat next to a gentleman on a flight the other day. During the course of our conversation, somehow the subject turned to spinning and he started quizzing me about it. His wife is an ardent knitter and he wanted to surprise her with a wheel. So we talked about wheels and why I thought he shouldn't surprise her - a wheel is a very personal thing. We also talked about the different types of wheels and where one gets fiber - from keeping one's own fiber sources to buying the already prepped and dyed fiber on the internet. I showed him my Spring Shawl starting from some of the early spinning pictures to the actual WIP. And then I realized that I had no pictures of my wheels on my phone! I pulled out my laptop and showed him the Hansen but couldn't find a picture of the Tina.

Well, I just rectified that situation. I now have photos of the Tina on my phone. She is so beautiful that I can look at her all day. And here she is, in all her glory...

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Therese said...

If you want your Chez P Desserts book signed, send it along and I'll make it happen :-)