Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guess what? Finally!

Luann commented on the shawl. Way back when, I was struggling with unwinding a cop from the spindle and I was going to throw it away. Luann patiently worked on untangling it and salvaged a large part of the cop. Thank you Luann! I need you to be with me every time I need some untangling. :-) But that fiber is jinxed. I just discovered a major error in the lace about 6 rows earlier. I would rip that easily with any other yarn but this is sticky and fuzzy. So I will have to slowly tink back to fix it. sigh

But this post is about great news! Guess what arrived on Sunday and is now all unpacked and organized? My stuff! My closet has a full wardrobe in it, my kitchen supplies are no longer in ziplock bags, we have more than 4-5 teaspoons, and I have bobbins!
There are my spinning tools all neatly put away in the den closet. The bobbins are in the far corner and the Hansen is tucked away inside its box again.

Along with the bobbins came the fiber and  yarn stash. They are also neatly stowed in a guest bedroom closet.
That is fiber on the bottom and yarn on the top along with some knitting needles. There are more knitting supplies/tools, but not yarn. They are currently living on top of the fiber tools in the den closet.
And that is it. I am quite excited about spinning the rest of the singles that I started and plying them. I also am dying to knit some more of my handspun but I can't tackle lace right now. I need some garter stitch.

I made chapatis yesterday with my rolling pin and mesh (video to see why I need a mesh), I ground spices for dinner tonight in my grinder/blender and am looking forward to wearing a different pair of shoes to work tomorrow. Small pleasures!

One of the nice things about the shipment coming when it did was that we had a 3 day holiday. China does some interesting things. Today, May 1, is Labor Day in most of the world and is a holiday. To give everyone a 3 day holiday, they made Saturday and Sunday working days, Monday and Tuesday weekend days and today was a holiday. This has been fairly consistent since we got here in January but people say that it is a relatively new practice. I haven't got used to it. Since most of my colleagues are outside China, I end up taking the weekends off as I normally do and working the other days from home.

Back to tinking...

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Cheryl Oberle said...

Like a big Christmas..all those packages of stuff you love!