Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend meditations

I had a trying though satisfying week and I was exhausted by Friday. I was a speaker at a conference held in town so I was commuting to and from the conference location. That in itself was not too bad. But I had 3-4 speaking slots each day and I had to haul my laptop around. The standing on my feet during the talks and walking around carrying the laptop all day did me in. My feet HURT at the end of each day.

Therefore I am relaxing this weekend. I have no plans to go out anywhere. My husband is out with some out of town colleagues and I have the apartment to myself. Guess what I am doing?
Yes, I pulled the Hansen out and am starting to spin the second single of the Fiber Optic Autumn gradient. Yay!

And that is an empty bobbin on the Hansen. Isn't it a wonderful sight?

During the course of the week, I continued knitting the Self Stripe Study and also pulled out some spindles.
The Neal Brand Tibetan spins beautifully in the Jennie the Potter spider bowl. We have a colleague of my husband staying with us this weekend. It turns out that he knits. So I took out a bit of fiber to show him how to spin on a spindle. We tried it on the Kuchulu but it is too small and backspins too quickly for him. Plus I am spinning some very fine yarn on there. So I took out some other fiber and the Golding and showed him how to spin some thicker yarn.
This is a rainbow colored top so I may chain ply it. Not sure yet. But it might be a good way to learn ply on the fly

The ubiquitous flower photo:
Our houseguest brought me these last night and I don't have a vase in the house. So they are in a jug that came with my mixer/blender. I think it is for the juicer attachment.

Summer is definitely arriving. It is incredibly humid here. The floors feel as if they have glue on them. So the air-conditioning gets turned on for a bit to clear the humidity. We tried opening the windows. We get a lovely breeze and cross-ventilation in the apartment. It is very well designed for that. But it brings in the humidity and mosquitoes! On the 20th floor! How do they get up there?

So we turn on the a/c for an hour or so and then keep all the doors/windows closed to keep the humidity out. It works quite well. Also a sign of summer - the cooler on the water dispenser has been turned on so we get cold water from it.
See the green light on the right? That means the cooling option is on. We haven't turned on the heating option because we don't use enough hot water. It is easier to just heat some in our kettle when we need it for tea. At work, both the cold and hot water is turned on and I just get hot water for tea and cold water to drink right from the dispenser.
再见! or good-bye till next time!

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