Sunday, May 5, 2013

The shawl is complete!

I bound off the green shawl yesterday and blocked it. I used a crochet bind off like a doily. You crochet a group of sts together and link them with a crocheted chain. I used a 7 st chain and bound 3 sts off with a double crochet.

This is the first item I am blocking here and I wasn't in the mood to bring out the blocking wires. So I just laid it out on towels and stretched it out as best as I could. The towels were grabby so it blocked OK. I could have made the center straighter too, I guess.

Here is a detailed view of the lace edging.
I had a busy weekend. We went to the French Concession yesterday and to Yu Yuan Garden today. Lots of walking around. I have lots of pictures which I will put up later.

It is a beautiful weekend here. Temps in the low 70's F/20's C with a breeze blowing. Everyone was out so both places were pretty crowded. But it was still a lot of fun. Back to work tomorrow. The weekends are really short. sigh

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Shorespinner said...

The shawl looks lovely - such a happy spring green color. You must be very happy to have your fiber tools and stash arrive. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing photos of Shanghai, I feel like an armchair traveler.