Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beautiful stream, so broad and blue

Today I bring you the majestic Hudson River. I had the opportunity to travel down its banks a few times this week and its beauty took my breath away.

These are the Palisades, on the New Jersey side of the river. All of these were taken from a moving train so there may be some imperfections.

The Tappan Zee bridge:

There are some ugly electric wires in the way here. I had a tough time finding a view of the Tappan Zee that didn't include wires.

Looking downriver at the Tappan Zee:

A couple of shots of the river by itself.

The river is home to many, many sailboats.

The Bear Mountain bridge

And finally the Newburgh Beacon bridge:

It has been a beautiful fall week with blue skies and that reflects in the river. Unfortunately, the leaves are just beginning to turn color. When they do, these vistas are truly spectacular.

I knitted on Viajante all the way down and back, except when I was clicking photos. I must have looked like a starry-eyed tourist. It was fun playing one for a few hours at home.

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