Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to make stitch markers

After last week's stitch marker making session, I was motivated to make more this weekend. I went back to my old method this time. I also took photos to show you how I have been making them.

I used braided memory wire for these sets. It has a bit more body than the monofilament that I used last week. Starting at the top left, that is the wire I use. I like it for body and thickness. It cuts easily with a pair of sturdy scissors. Next up are the letter and number beads laid out to make the knitted abbreviation markers. I also add a little bead and crimp to close off the end. However, I didn't measure the wire the first time I cut and cut them too small. So the top right photo shows the smaller markers I ended up making first. The bottom photo is that of the completed markers.

Then I cut more wire to about 4" - which is what is needed for these markers. Each marker has 3 letter or number beads and 1 colored bead to help differentiate them quickly if the abbreviation doesn't make sense. After all, there is nothing that says these must be used where you are going to do some knitting action.

I fold the wire in half and put both ends through the beads in order. This requires a bit of concentration as it is easy to put the bead on up-side down. All the beads need to be oriented the same way although right-side up and up-side down don't make sense except in relation to the other beads. Then I thread on the colored bead and the crimp. I move the beads out of the way, move the crimp to the very edge of the wire and then crimp it with a pair of pliers. Lastly, I trim off the tiny ends of the wire sticking out beyond the crimp.

And voila! a stitch marker.

I have put crimps on both ends of the beads also. To do that, you thread the wire:
  1. Crimp first
  2. Beads in the same order as above
  3. Crimp again
First you crimp the bottom crimp (#3). Then you slide the beads and crimp (#1) down and then crimp #1 so the beads are held tightly between the two crimps.

It took about 90 mins to get everything out, laid out, markers completed and the place cleaned up. I made 24 markers today - 12 of each kind.

I have also been spinning a lot this week. Remember the Briar Rose BFL I started last week? I am done with one of the two lots already.
And here are the two colors next to each other. I will spin the other color and then ply a bit together to see how it looks. I may even knit it up into a swatch before I decide to go ahead and ply the rest. I don't want to mess this up because I love these colors!
That is all for this week. I will be doing another travel post soon and then there will be more fiber stuff. I have some ideas that I am working on which I want to share.

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