Sunday, January 20, 2008

And pretty socks all in a row

Well, not really all in a row, but pretty nonetheless. At least pretty from my point of view. Since I don't have any current knitting to show you this week, I thought I would entertain you with some completed knitting. I washed a bunch of hand-knit socks today, as you can see. There they are, all hanging out to dry. Since you can't really see them very well in this all-in-one photo...You can see them in close-ups. There are Opals and Regias and Sockottas with a few Kroy, Stahl Socka and Lorna's Laces thrown in for good measure. There's a pair made out of a yarn from a now-defunct company called Ozyarn. Here's another close-up. This one has some Mountain Colors in it. It also contains one of my oldest pairs still in circulation -the teal pair in the center top with blue, purple and yellow blotches.Nothing too interesting below. The same old Opals and Regias and Stahl Socka. At top right, the grey, red and yellow pair, is of the same vintage as the teal pair in the photo above. This photo has a pair of Meilenweits in it. There are toe-ups and top downs and almost every heel variation imaginable. The really sad or not-so-sad part is that I still have a few pairs that weren't in this batch. Sad because it smacks of conspicuous consumption to have so many pairs of hand-knit socks. The not-so-sad part is that I have so many lovely pairs. I love my hand-knit socks and some of these pairs are true veterans. They are getting close to a decade old and are still providing yeoman service.

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anmiryam said...

No such thing as too many handknit socks when it's this cold!