Monday, January 28, 2008

Tapestry vest photos

There it is! The photo is a bit fore-shortened because it is photographed from near the bed. I laid it out to dry on the guest bed so could not get up high enough to give you a close to 90 degree angle for the picture. The neck depth looks very small compared to the body length.This one makes the neck look better but of course you can't see the full length of the body. I love the way the striping worked out. Tapestry seems to have unpredictable amounts of each color. That wide light stripe near the bottom of the sweater is from the same ball of yarn. Of course the wider stripes on the top are due to the fewer number of sts in the fronts vs the body. I like the way the striping ended up around the neck and here's a photo to show the fixed symmetric rib at the V. This is what I messed up the first time. You can't just keep the pattern going as in k 2, k 1 (center st), p2 if you want symmetry. You have to do a k2, k1 (center st) and a k2 on the other side to create the balance. In this case, I ended up picking up 2 extra sts on each side so it wasn't exactly like that but that example illustrates the concept.


Nancy said...

It's done beautifully. I'm sure it'll be much-loved.

Hope said...

The vest looks great. I'm sure your husband will love it.

Anonymous said...

Good yarn choice Jaya. The vest is wonderful