Thursday, January 17, 2008

No knitting this week

I seem to be in a non-knitting mood this week. It is partially due to being tired. My knitting schedule calls for things that need a bit of concentration. I have to pick up bands for DH's vest. I have to knit a bunch of swatches that either involve following directions exactly or working my way through some new ideas of my own. I've been coming home very tired and wanting to knit but unable to concentrate enough to work on any of them.

Tonight I am going to bed early and reading National Geographic till I fall asleep. I have been catching up on my magazine reading lately. I had 6-7 months of National Geographic collected without reading. I usually read them cover to cover. So I knuckled down a few weeks ago and started reading them instead of reading books. I am almost all caught up. I only have one left. I love National Geographic because the content is so diverse. I've read about Jamestown (history), sacred cave paintings in India (art), gorillas and bulldog ants (biology), and Pakistan (history and geography). My wastebasket of a mind loves this stuff.

Maybe my next post will actually be about knitting

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