Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't knit when you are tired

I started to swatch the Bavarian design but the needles and yarn weight were wrong and I wasn't getting what I wanted. So I put it aside and decided to finish the Tapestry vest which just needed armhole and neck bands. I did the two armhole bands without any difficulty.

Here's a tip that I figured out yesterday and probably is something everyone else does. When picking up sts for something that needs to be symmetrical, count up as you do the first half and count down as you do the second. That way you only need to remember one set of numbers. For example I needed 82 sts on each side of the armhole. Thirteen of these were from the armhole BO. As I neared the shoulder, I realized I had to pick up a few more sts than the usual rate of 3 sts to 4 rows. So around st number 68, I started picking up every row. When I went around the back of the armhole, I just had to remember 68 and 13. I picked up every row till I got to st number 68, then I did 3 sts for every 4 rows till I got down to st number 14 and I was not only perfectly placed for the 13 bindoff sts but I also knew I had the right number. In the past, I would subtract 68 from 82 and add that to 82 to figure out how many sts I had to pick up using the every row ratio and so on. Much less arithmetic this way. Stupid, but then I'm slow when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Anyway, after the armhole bands, I started on the neck band. Did a great job picking up. Did a lousy job planning. The ribs on either side of the center st at the bottom of the V were not symmetrical. I was off by a st or two at the end of the round and decided I was just wrong in counting. Wrong! I found out on the next round that I had forgotten to keep in pattern at the V and I didn't even realize this till I finished the round. I was not in the mood to go back and re-do just that half of the V given I had only done two rounds. So I ripped it out and decided to start over this morning. I should have an FO at the end of the day to report.

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