Friday, April 10, 2009

Pick 3- Spend 50

A quick post discussing supporting local businesses. Giovanna pointed me at this Portland blog that proposes a focus on keeping local businesses healthy in this economy. I think this is a great idea.

The proposal is that we pick 3 local, individually owned businesses and commit to spending a total of $50 (not $50 individually but $50 in total across the 3) a month at those businesses. The tough part is picking three businesses but I think I will select
  1. Yarn Central: my local yarn store
  2. Merriweather's: I buy my soap from them
  3. Longobardi's: I have been buy pizza weekly from them for so many years that they recognize our voices on the phone.
Lastly, my washer conked out this week and I bought a new one. I bought one from an appliance store that fits the bill too. At all these places, service is wonderful and I have never felt that I am paying more than I should just to support a local business. I get excellent value for my money.


Giovanna said...

Excellent choices--it was fun don't you think to pick them? I just posted mine, and I even bought some sock yarn (I'm working on making myself love knitting socks so I'll get more out of Sock Summit).

Ruth said...

Great idea! I try to buy locally as much as possible, and I also like to buy on Etsy.