Sunday, April 12, 2009

Modular focus

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

I also want to acknowledge an anniversary of sorts. I've been baking bread for just over a year now. My first loaf was recorded on this blog on March 22, 2008. Now I am making all my own bread - I don't buy any bread for myself at home. I am quite proud of the progress I've made in a year.

Spring is here. The forsythia is blooming and there are buds on the crabapple outside my window. I am feeling more energized and am looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather.

I have been knitting and now I need to make progress on this tank. I have made some, the front is almost done. Here is a detail of the beaded yarn that will be part of the yoke. You can see the little beads here and there. They are threaded onto a thread that is twisted with the yarn. One has to be careful to catch both when knitting.
This is the front. There are a few more rows of the yoke and then I split for the shoulders and knit each separately. I am not happy with the big hole in the middle. Fortunately, there is extra yarn there that I will use to close it up. It is caused by the fact that you are knitting each side separately which stretches the sts in the middle. When I do the back, I am going to try and knit both sides together and see if it prevents the hole. Also, something to be careful on with garter st. Make sure all your ends are on the same side. See that big bit of yarn? That is an end and it is on the front because there is another end neatly woven in on the other side. So this one will have to be taken to the other side and woven in. Sigh! What do you think about my new backdrop for photographs? I bought some stretch velvet to use as a backdrop so the knitting is clearly visible. I like it on this because the silver was blending with the grey of my carpet and not standing out at all.

Here's to more knitting related posts!

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Ann said...

I like the way the garter lines. It's a very flattering look. As for the black velvet? It's a great idea. The black velvet shows off the knitting quite well and doesn't bounce the flash back at the camera.