Monday, April 27, 2009

Begin Revision three

This is revision three of the body of this sweater. The yarn is starting to look a bit worn so it will have to be the final revision. The knitting looks weird because the yarn is kinked from ripping. It will fix itself with blocking.
I like the look of the fabric. The yarn colors are spread out without much pooling. I am alternating two different methods of knitting - the Portugese purl that I linked to last time and the lazy purl with the yarn held in the left hand. I find the Portugese purl much easier and used that most of the time using the other to relieve my muscles from the unaccustomed movement. As my hands got used to the Portugese purl, I used it more and more. I tried to use my usual flicking method but the gauge is a bit looser on that so I stopped. I think learning new ways of knitting are good for avoiding repetitive stress injuries and also for making minute gauge changes which can affect pooling and striping effects in handpainted yarns.

It is slow going as I'm doing this on size 6 needles. But I think I'll be happy with the result so I am persevering.

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Giovanna said...

I'll have to try the Portuguese purl soon--thanks for the youtube link. It looks so stunningly obvious!