Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fiberly progress on-the-road and sad news

 I have much more time to work on fiberly doings on the road. I spun a little bit on the cotton every day and am making slow progress towards spinning a decent yarn. I switched to the heavier weight arms I bought in Rhinebeck and that seems to help as the cop weight has grown.

I also have been slowly spinning away on the Kuchulu and finished the fiber sample that came with it. It is a 60% merino-40% bamboo mixture from New Hue Handspuns. The color is Pale Blue. I think I will ply this with some Ashland Bay top I spun in one of the classes.
 I also made progress on the shawl. Isn't it looking pretty?
Lastly, Judith McKenzie's workshop in Forks, Washington burned down last week. I have learned so much from Judith and treasure the knowledge she has generously imparted. All her wheels and looms and fiber was stored in this workshop. So she has lost a lot of very precious stuff, some of which are very difficult to replace. There is a website with news about the efforts of her well-wishers to help rebuild it. Please help, if you can and if you wish to.

Update: I decided to spindle ply the merino-bamboo on my Golding and so here it is. All done. I messed it up a little in the beginning and have a few knots where the fibers came apart. I don't have as much control on the spindle with a center pull ball as I do on the wheel, so I couldn't splice it together. I just didn't have enough hands! The turkish spindles make a neat center pull ball when you remove the cross-arms. I lost the beginning and had to fish it out. Lessons for next time: Take the leader end out before you remove the arms and secure the ball somewhere so it doesn't dangle and untwist.

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