Sunday, November 11, 2012

For the want of a stopper

Today was a gorgeous day. I thought I would take advantage of it and finish preparing the two fleeces I had. One was from May and the other from August. The May one was washed but that was it. The August one needed to be washed.
 This fiber was from a Montadale/Corriedale cross so I had high hopes for it. I was not disappointed. The locks were well defined and there was little or no vegetable matter or other junk in it. The ends are slightly sunburned which will add some depth to the color of the yarn.
 I decided to wash them in these seed starting trays I bought for fleece washing. I wanted to keep the locks intact so I could comb or spin from the locks. Here they are, nicely lined up like soldiers on a tray. I have 8 trays, I think.

 I kept two trays empty to act as weights when soaking and draining the filled tray.  I thought I would put the trays in the foil trays I used to wash the last fleece. I would use the empty tray to push down the filled one into the water and then again to squeeze the water out of the locks.
 The trays stack up nicely. You can see the color variation in the locks in this picture. This set is more grey than some of the others.
I wasn't able to fit all the locks into trays. This is the amount that is left.

Unfortunately, the seed starting trays are too big for the foil pans. So I decided to use the laundry tub, but we don't have any stoppers for the drain. Or at least we do, but it is cracked and useless. I went out to the hardware store to get a replacement but they didn't have any that size. So that was the end of the fleece washing plan.

However, I had the washed fleece to work on. I began with this
and ended with this.
And this is where I spent the day. No complaints here. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I think I can wash the fleece tray by tray over the next week or so. Once I get a stopper of course!

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