Monday, November 26, 2012

Spindling a gradient part III

There is also some knitting content here.  :-) I am still knitting, even though it seems as if all I'm doing is spinning.

 I spun a lot of the gradient on my trindle but it seems to be never ending! I unloaded another cop onto a bobbin and marked the second one with two rubber bands so I know the order in which I have to ply them. I will do the same on the other single and ply starting with the 1 rubber band bobbins.

Note to self: if the bobbin is not spinning well on the bobbin winder, it will not pull the single from the spindle shaft. And no amount of feeding it in is going to help. Fix the bobbin on the bobbin winder, don't keep messing with the spindle. 

Now for the promised knitting content. My Polyhymnia's Triangle is coming along nicely. The rows are getting longer and longer and I always seem to mess up the pattern somewhere in the beginning so I am doing a lot of tinking. That really slows down the knitting.
But I am getting there....

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