Friday, January 25, 2013

A fable (but not a tall story)

Once upon a time, there were people. They were united by two things - a love of what they made with their hands and a love of a certain place. A magical wizard brought them together and they grew to know and love each other as friends. They lived far from each other but they were able to talk to and see each other via the magic that the wizard gave them. Sometimes, occasionally, they were able to meet and talk without the help of the magic, but these were far less frequent than their magical visits.

Many years passed and one of the people thought that it would be a good idea to celebrate their friendship with a festival. It had to be a magical festival because they lived so far from each other. When this idea was brought up, all the people jumped with joy because they loved the idea of the festival. In the place that they loved, festivals are common and much celebrated. Festivals also involve gifts and thus the people brought gifts for each other. They used the magic to talk and visit and chat with each other, using the festival time to get to know each other even better. A good time was had by all!

Can you guess what this is about? I'll tell you at the end...

But here are my gifts from the festival, made by hand because that is one of the things we love.

They came in a bag with two letters inside
One letter was fun and the other was rather boring. I'll leave you to figure out which is which.

There was a project bag, to carry the things we make by hand.
There was a spinner's lap cloth, although the person who made it isn't a spinner.
There was tea, and a sachet and a pin.
And last, but not least, some other things to help make the things we love by hand.
It was all tied together with love and a big red ribbon.
The love and creativity and generosity in this gift is making my heart sing.

Have you guessed the magic? It is Ravelry and Casey is the wizard. My gifts were sent to me by Ru, who I have actually met in person.

I had a post all set to go today that was unrelated to this but when my gift arrived yesterday, I had to throw that out and write this one instead. I'll post the other one later this weekend.


Ru said...

I am so touched, Jaya. This is a lovely post.
I am so happy you liked everything.

Colleen said...

Ravelry and the wizard Casey are the best things, ever!