Saturday, January 5, 2013

A quick update (sans photos)

I plied the samples I spun yesterday. The plying balls worked brilliantly. But I can't go further as I don't have my sample niddy noddy with me. I could skein the yarn using some other method like winding around something else but I don't want to bother. So it will sit till the sample niddy noddy arrives.

I pulled the Hansen out and, would you believe that, I spun 2 oz of the Into the Whirled Romney this evening? This is the problem with spinning thicker yarn. It goes so quickly! The Romney is a little rougher on the hands than the other fibers I have been spinning. But I think it will make a durable set of mittens.

Given how quickly that has been spun, and the fact that I can't spin the other single since I have only one bobbin, I am debating whether it is worth spinning half of another braid on top of the Romney. So I would have two different singles on the same bobbin and I would repeat that on another bobbin later. Then ply the first set together and the second set together. The Hansen bobbins hold so much fiber that this is a definite possibility.

That is all... I just needed to get that out of my system.

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