Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

A very happy New Year to all my readers! I hope 2013 brings you peace, happiness, health and prosperity.

I started the year by finishing my Infinity scarf. It was a very pleasant knit especially in the well-spun parts which are soft and silky. Of course one has to knit it without mistakes!
But there were other parts that were not so nice to knit. This where the spinning resulted in wiry yarn, or almost unspun fiber or worse, a thick bit plied with a thin bit which created a boucle yarn.
Then there was the bit in the middle which looks darker than the rest. This is some other fiber that I included. It is much rougher to the touch (rustic in spinning terms) than the rest. Most of the fiber is Blue-faced Leicester which is a long silky wool. There is a little silk in there somewhere too but I guess I also used this rougher mystery fiber.

And finally, the entire scarf
I thought it would be long enough to wear tripled but it isn't. I can wear it as is or wrapped twice around my neck. It is stiff enough to stay away from the skin - which I like. All in all, a good knit.

While I was grafting the beginning and end together, I was chanting k,p,p,k to myself. And, I never stop a grafting sequence till the last k of that four-some is done. That way I always know where to start the sequence again.

I hope 2013 brings you much fiber-y fun!

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