Saturday, December 29, 2012

Many fiber-y fronts

There were some endings and some beginnings this week.

The ending is first. I finished the yarn I plied on Christmas Day. It is looking very nice. There is about 600 yds so I can make a small shawl with it. The photos don't do justice to the hand. It is soft and silky but the luster is obscured by the slight halo of the other fiber in the blend.

And the obligatory close up with a quarter
This was spun on my microXL Trindle. I used my usual semi-worsted spindle technique where I don't try to keep the twist out of the drafting triangle but do a short forward draw and smooth the single down as it is twisted. I find this fast and easy on the spindle and it makes nice yarns. I am very pleased with the evenness and the fineness of the yarn.

The fiber is a mystery fiber from Abby Franquemont that came with her Respect the Spindle book. I have to weigh the skein some time. I didn't even bother doing that with the fiber so I have no idea what I started with.

Next up the beginnings:
I started spinning the second single in the gradient. I am still at the purple part.
I absolutely love spindling on my trindles. They spin so fast and are so pretty, especially my golden dragon balls.

Lastly, I started knitting an infinity scarf with my very first spindle handspun. I am loving knitting with it. It is so soft and fluffy - at least most of it is. Some of it is overspun and not so nice.
I am going to knit this till the yarn runs out and then join it with a 180 degree twist to create a moebius. I should be able to double and triple it around my neck as needed. I couldn't find a crochet hook to start the provisional CO and all I had was crochet cotton that was the same color as the yarn. So I decided to just cast on and knit 2 rows with the crochet cotton and then start the scarf. I will just undo the two rows to free up the live scarf sts when I am ready to graft the beginning and end together.

That is all for now...

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Dresdnerin said...

Jaya, this green yarn looks gorgeous!