Saturday, December 15, 2012

FO pictures

This was going to be my previous post but I had to share the wrapping of the single around the axle. So I postponed this one.

I blocked the purple shawl and have worn it twice since then. It is the perfect size for a small shawl for me. I can wear it around my shoulders without having it up at my neck. My shoulders need the warmth but I hate things around my neck.

That is the shawl blocking. It is the only picture of the entire shawl that I have. I am not 100% sure I like the subtle beads. They add a nice heft to the shawl, which I like but most people don't notice them. If one is doing all the work to bead it, shouldn't there be some more bling?
Detail of the beads in the center section
Detail of the beads in the edge
Really bad, awful self-shot of me wearing the shawl to show the size
The heavy beading on the edge really makes it drape well.

I finished the green yarn and it is drying. I will post pics of that in my next post. After that there won't be as many FO announcements and pictures. I am trying to finish off what I have in-flight so that I can pack what I need and just have a few easy projects to work on during travel.

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Colleen said...

You are standing on your head!
I would prefer more contrast for the beads, but the are lovely, still, in their subtleness.