Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another FO!

I took some artistic pictures of the lace plaid stole to show the size and the texture. I am quite pleased with this project.
And a detail of the texture and the lace
In addition to blocking the stole, I have also been working on the ruffle of the purple triangle shawl. It was slow going as the sts were very crowded on the needle. I switched to a 60" Hiyahiya interchangeable but I found the tips kept getting loose as I pushed the sts around. Also the tips were rather short for this heavy shawl. The cable would hang at almost a 90 degree angle due to the weight. Not fun.

Finally, I just divided the sts onto two circs. One was a 29" which had about 1/3 of the sts and the other was a 40" that had the rest. It was still slow but manageable. I was having fewer problems with sts coming off the tip as I tried to slide them around to make room.

Anyway, I finally finished binding it off last night. It isn't blocked but it is done. My hands are very grateful. Ruffles are not my thing and now I know why.
It is Polyhymnia's Triangle by Rosemary Hill. I combined two variegated yarns that I had. The center triangle and ruffle are from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. The color is eggplant. I had bought this years ago at Camp. I don't think there is a sock yarn in the portfolio any more. But this is a nice mohair/wool sock yarn. The other yarn - the more multi-colored variegated yarn - is Skinny Bugga! from the original Sanguine Gryphon in Burying Beetle. Sharon (of TVknittingpodcast) gave it to me as a trade for a shawl I gave her. We bought beads that matched it and I put them into the eggplant yarn to blend the two yarns together.

I made good decisions on when to stop knitting this time. Usually I end up running out of yarn and ripping back. I watched the yarn usage carefully and managed to avoid that. I have just a few yards of each yarn left. So this shawl is as big as it could be. It will stretch with blocking but it is a nice size. I don't like small shawls. That is why Sharon ended up with a shawl.

And finally, here is a photo to brighten up the darker days of winter. Fiber Optic yarns partnered with the KnitGirlls to create a colorway of her lovely gradients. This one is called Rouge-Violet-Cerulean and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The way Kimber handles the gradients is that they go on pre-order for 2 weeks and you can order as many as you like. She dyes them to order and sends them out. So you can't buy any old gradient at any time but they go on a strict rotation and you can buy them when they come up in that rotation. And of course, some go on hiatus every so often. This keeps her sane and allows us to buy the ones we like in quantity. No mad rush to buy when they hit the store.

My order of 2 gradients arrived yesterday. Feast for the eyes! It is merino-silk

I have to admit to a love of rich saturated colors and Kimber does these really well. I have quite a stash of her gradients to spin in the next couple of years.

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Stitchmistress said...

Beautiful shawl Jaya! Can't wait to see it blocked!

I too purchased that beautiful gradient to spin on my new Lark Spindle. These 2 things are christmas Presents, so I'm not opening the packages till Christmas morning.

I know what I'll be doing that day!