Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally! a FO

I had finished this stole a while ago, but was busy and didn't block it. Well, it is about time to give it to the young recipient so I knuckled down and blocked it.

It is made of a linen/silk combo from colourmart that I like. It is crisp when blocked due to the linen but gets softer with use. Washing also makes it softer over time. But it has some drape due to the silk. It doesn't have any sheen. Plus, it is one durable yarn because both linen and silk are strong.

Here it is being blocked. If you remember I wanted it to look like a plaid but with lace instead of colors. I like the effect even though the lines aren't straight. They got warped because of the purse st (*yo, p2tog, rep from *).

But the edges did block straight.
And the other edge
Yes, I fixed the crooked wires after I took the picture :-)

And a view with a different angle
The little box is my pin box. I should have moved it off the stole before I took the pictures.

Once it dries, it will get wrapped and handed over...

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