Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spindling a gradient part IV

In the continuing saga of spindling a gradient with the objective of keeping the gradient as it was dyed, I finished the first single last night.

To rewind and provide some context, if you remember, I split the braid in half lengthwise and started spindling from one end. I have now finished spindling that half. I will start the second half in the next week, I think.
As I finished each cop, I rewound them into bobbins so that the beginning end was on the outside. I also have been annotating each bobbin's order by putting a specific number of bands on it. From left to right, you can see that I have 1, 2, 3 or 4 bands on each bobbin. These hold the end but also tell me the order in which to ply the bobbins. I will now repeat this for the second single.

I also wound up my first spindle spun yarn into a ball, ready for knitting. I am going to make an infinity scarf for me. To maximize the yarn, I am going to provisionally cast on about 40 or so and start knitting flat. Then, when I am done, I will graft the beginning to the end to make a moebius infinity scarf. To make this reversible and also to facilitate the grafting, I decided to do a simple texture pattern with an odd number of rows: 4 rows of k2, p2 rib and then 1 row of knit. The 1 row of knit will be my grafting row.
So I start with a provisional CO, and immediately go into the 4 rows of k2, p2 rib. When I am almost done with the yarn, I will end with 4 rows of k2, p2 rib and then graft the beginning to the end with a half twist in between. It should make for simple knitting that is not too mindless and will give me a nice long scarf that I can wear singly, doubled or tripled.
As you can see, this is a pretty thick and thin yarn and has a mix of different fibers. So there will be a lot of texture in this scarf. I am planning to knit it on a US size 6 (4mm) needle. I hope that will give me enough drape and handle the differences in thickness. It is a nice and soft yarn so it will be a pleasure to wear. When I was learning to spin, I just spun whatever natural colored fibers I could get my hands on. There is a little color in one spot where I added it to differentiate two sections in class. I may leave that in as a feature. You can see it in both pictures: a little red.

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