Monday, November 11, 2013

Spinning with a purpose

So far in my spinning, I have been content to just spin and then decide what I'm going to make with the results. This has worked out quite well and given me the opportunity to experiment with a lot of different spinning techniques without worrying about the end result.

This year has been different. I am still trying different techniques and still spinning a lot without thinking about what the end product is going to look like. But I have spun a couple of things with a planned project in mind.

The ITW Romney is the first of these. I thought a little bit about it and decided to spin a thicker yarn, not my usual fingering or lace weight. I also thought that Romney is lovely silky long wool, not soft to the touch but durable. So I spun a lightly twisted thick single that I plied with a tight twist to get what I hope will be a lofty yet durable yarn. I wanted a sport weight but the actual thickness is between sport and worsted. No, I don't spin that consistently yet!

I also knit the mittens with a firm gauge. It actually hurt my hands quite bit to knit them. And they are chunky but quite warm and I can curl my fingers inside the mitts to keep them warm.

And here they are, all complete.
I love the colors, not particularly fond of such chunky knits. I am a fine gauge girl at heart but these are warmer than my sock weight fingerless mitts, even though those are stranded with two colors. I am willing to give these some time but if I don't like wearing them, I'll frog them and make them into regular mitts. They didn't take that long to make that I'll mind redoing them.

Now I'll go back to my thinner yarns.

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