Monday, November 25, 2013

Travel home

I was met at the airport by another Christmas tree. This one looked very African to me.
I also was able to get some nice photos of South Africa from the air.
I connected through Dubai and I probably should have taken some Dubai at night photos from the air but I was sleepy. To stay awake during the 3 hour layover, I walked the entire length of the airport twice and then I sat down and spun a little on my Kuchulu. I had started a new cop in the hotel after finishing up the sample on the Aegean. This is the same Briar Rose Cormo I am spinning on the Hansen. That is the other single.

I had seat 55A on the way from Dubai home and thought I'd be right in the back of the plane. WRONG! I was on a A-380 double decker plane and 55A was right in the front of the lower level. This thing holds 500-odd people! It has a lovely tail camera in addition to the usual front and bottom cameras.

There it is, at Shanghai airport. There were 3 jet bridges that came out to meet it. One for the upper level, one for first/business class and one for the lower level.
Or maybe the entire upper level was first/business class. I am surprised the large plane can fly!

Back home I pulled the Kuchulu out again. It is such a pleasure to spin on a fast little spindle.
There she is, on my ipod touch to show her size. I adore her. She travels with me a lot though I don't always spin on her.

And that is all f-f-f-folks! It is good to be back home!

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