Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The best laid plans....

If you remember, a long time ago, I bought some buttons to put on mittens I was going to make with handspun Romney.
I suppose I could have used them had I planned my mitt better. There are two problems with using these buttons. The first is that I have 10 buttons but I made 6 button holes on the first mitt. Since there should be 6 buttonholes on the second mitt to match the first, 10 buttons just won't do. sigh I did think about not putting a button on the last button hole. Which brings us to the second problem.

Let me remind you of what the mitt looks like:
It is a chunky, bold sort of fabric and the buttons are rather delicate and small. In fact, they are too small. The yo buttonholes I made are too big for the buttons. double sigh

This past Sunday, we took a trip back to the notions market, mitt in hand. I found these lovely lilac and pewter looking buttons. I couldn't find anything that matched the colors in the mitt but there is a darker lilac and I thought the contrast with the lighter color brightened up the mitt.
I did buy 12. I put only 4 on the mitt as they slid off. I will be traveling over the next couple of days and will finish up the second mitt and then I can sew them all on. I had to buy sewing thread to match. The thread shops had these huge cones of thread and I thought I'd have to buy one of those (think serger thread on steroids). But then one shop had sets of smaller amounts in related colors. I found one set with a color I could use.

So maybe I will have a completed pair of mitts by next week.

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